Uttar Basti

In female:

Introducing medicated oil or herbal decoctions into the intrauterine cavity or up to the crevixe.

In male:

The medicated oil or herbal decoctions introduced into the urinary bladder.

To whom should be given?

Ayurvedic Medicines


Fallopian tubule blockage
uterine fibroid
Cervical erosions
Cervical Polyp
Infertility etc.


Urinary Problems of any type
Prostate enlargement
Neurogenic Bladder
Urethral Stricture
Incontinence of Urine


It's a O.P.D. procedure.


Lithotomy position (lie on the back & knee joint should be flexed.

Medicated oil or herbal decoctions should be taken into the syringe & introduced with the help of simple rubber catheter into the uterine cavity or upto the cerix in the vagina.


Position should be the same i.e. patient should lie down on back.

Medicated oil or decoction should be introduced into the urinary bladder with the help of simple rubber catheter through the urethral opening.

The quantity of the oil / decoction is according to the disease of that male or female patient.